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Worship Songs September 20, 2020


Give thanks to the Lord our God and King
His love endures forever
For He is good He is above all things
His love endures forever
Sing praise, sing praise

With a mighty hand and an outstretched arm
His love endures forever
For the life that's been reborn
His love endures forever
Sing praise sing praise

Sing praise, sing praise

Forever God is faithful, forever God is strong
Forever God is with us, forever, forever

From the rising to the setting sun
His love endures forever
And by the grace of God we will carry on
His love endures forever
Sing praise, sing praise

Lion and the Lamb

He's coming on the clouds, kings and kingdoms will bow down
And every chain will break as broken hearts declare His praise
For who can stop the Lord Almighty

Our God is the Lion, the Lion of Judah
He's roaring with power, and fighting our battles
And every knee will bow before Him
Our God is the Lamb, the Lamb that was slain
For the sins of the world, his blood breaks the chains
And every knee will bow before the Lion and the Lamb
Every knee will bow before Him

So open up the gates, make way before the King of kings
The God who comes to save is here to set the captives free
For who can stop the Lord Almighty

Who can stop the Lord Almighty
Who can stop the Lord (Almighty)


Magnificent marvelous matchless love
Too vast and astounding to tell
Forever existing in worlds above now offered and given to all
Oh fountain of beauty eternal, the Father the Spirit the Son
Sufficient and endlessly generous
Magnificent, marvelous, matchless love

Creation is brimming with thankfulness
the mountains exultant they stand
The seasons rejoice in Your faithfulness all life is sustained by Your hand
You crown every meadow with color you paint every shade in the sky
Each day the dawn wakes as an encore of
Magnificent, marvelous, matchless love

How great how sure, his love endures forevermore
Magnificent, marvelous, matchless love

What grace that You entered our brokenness
You came in the fullness of time
How far we had fallen from righteousness but not from the mercies of Christ
Your cross is our door to redemption your death is our fullness of life
That day how forgiveness flowed as a flood
Magnificent, marvelous matchless love

United in Your resurrection you lift us to infinite heights
Could anything sever or take us from
Magnificent, marvelous matchless love


Love divine, all loves excelling, Joy of heav'n to earth come down:
fix in us thy humble dwelling, all thy faithful mercies crown:
Jesus, thou art all compassion, pure, unbounded love thou art;
visit us with thy salvation, enter ev'ry trembling heart.

Come, Almighty to deliver, let us all thy life receive;
suddenly return, and never, nevermore thy temples leave.
Thee we would be always blessing, serve thee as thy hosts above,
pray and praise thee without ceasing, glory in thy perfect love.

Finish, then, thy new creation; pure and spotless let us be:
let us see thy great salvation perfectly restored in thee;
changed from glory into glory, til in heav'n we take our place,
'til we cast our crowns before thee, lost in wonder, love, and praise.